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Compliance Certificate Report

BC-3 6.2 offers Administrators a wide range of new reports to help with keeping the system up to date and compliant. One report which could assist with maintaining plans, BIAs, and Resilience Plans is the Compliance Certificate. This report is used to view the status of all entities in BC-3 using the RAG system.

RAG stands for Red, Amber, Green, much like the traffic lights we all see in everyday life and it works in the same way.


A red light requires attention – the entity may need approval, slipped past the review date etc.


An amber light is approaching non-compliance  – this may mean the review date is approaching.


A green light means the entity is up to date and compliant. All good! 

The Compliance Certificate can be scheduled and and emailed to an Administrator at any time, or it can be run by going to Reports in the side menu > Compliance > Compliance Certificate and exporting to PDF.


The Compliance Certificate is a great report to take to your committee meetings, or to show your Auditors.

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