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Creating Whiteboard Templates

During an Incident, Whiteboards in BC-3 can be used to help collect information and monitor the progress of items discussed. Once a whiteboard has been established, any User can then contribute to the whiteboard which can be used as a virtual log of actions no matter where they are.

Here are some ideas for some useful whiteboards that you might want to create templates for: Assumptions, Known Facts, Casualties, Staff Questions, Media Enquiries.

Before a Whiteboard can be created, Administrators must first create a Whiteboard Template. You can do this by following the steps below:

1. From the left hand side menu, as an Administrator, select Whiteboards

2. Add a new template by giving the template a Name, selecting how many Rows Per Page you would like, and deciding whether to include a Title Row or not. Then click Save.

3. Under the Whiteboards section, find the template you just created. Select Edit to amend the fields you want to show up on your template

4. You  can now edit the Title Row, the Columns and Preview the template whiteboard using the buttons as shown.

5. When editing the Title Row and Columns, you will be given the following options:

Name: Enter the name of the column eg. Action

Width: Select the width of the column eg. Small, Medium, Large

Data Entry: Select how you wish to enter the data eg. Text box, Text area, Date, Time, Dropdown

Note: If you select the Dropdown option, when you edit the column you will be able to select the dropdown options.

6. Once all the Columns you wish to portray on your template have been entered, Preview the template to make sure you are happy with the layout and that you haven't missed any required columns.

7. During an Incident, these templates can now be used to create useful whiteboards. 

8. You can also download the whiteboard to Excel by using the Download button. This can be useful if you need to share the information with someone not directly involved in managing the incident, or if you want a copy of the information collected after the incident has ended.

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