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Important Documents

Do you have important documents you may need to access during a crisis? With BC-3, you can attach documents to your Plan and access these from any web enabled device without relying on access to your own IT systems.

There are a couple of different ways you can do this:

1. Plan Documents - the administrator can include this in the Plan template.  It will sit at the bottom of your plan menu.

  • Click on the Plan Documents page and then click on Add New.
  • Enter a Name and select Physical File type (Embedded will only display as content within the printed plan and not as a separate document)
  • Click on Choose File button to browse and select the file to attach.  You can type details in the box below if you want to provide a description.
  • Click Add and then Save your Plan.

2. Activities (sometimes also called Response Procedures or Recovery Strategies) - you can add an attachment to any section here.

  • Click on the Activity that you want to add a document to or create a new activity
  • Enter a Description for the activity
  • Select the Timing and which Role member will complete the activity
  • Click on Choose File button to browse and select the file to attach.
  • Click Add and then Save your Plan.

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