New Incident Management modules in BC-3

RiskLogic are happy to announce some fantastic new BC-3 modules to be released in 2014:


Incident Management: Record and manage incidents linked to existing plans within the system; log incidents and link tasks and activities to those identified in your plans; track activities in real-time via a dashboard view; virtual whiteboards provide real time online working environments where your teams can collaborate on your organisation’s incident response in the command centre.


Communications: A fully integrated communications module which enables you to send two-way SMS and emails to your contacts. This module can be used to notify staff of a disruption and track acknowledgements and responses to ensure your staff's safety. The communications module will also be embedded within the Incident Management module to enable notifications to and from your Incident Response team.


These new modules will provide a seamless software solution to enable clients to easily manage their BCM program.


Phase 1 will be ready by the end of March and will deliver the initial Incident Management functionality.  Further releases will be coming each quarter to provide more functionality to these new modules as well as more features for the Mobile App.


See attached for more information, and feel free to call me if you would like a demo.


Anita Gover

Manager, Technology Solutions

RiskLogic Pty Ltd

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