Upgrading your account is an easy task. Administrators can click into the Admin portal and view their Profile tab. On the side menu, there is an option to view Services. 

This will allow you to view your current package and make updates or upgrade as required. 

Select the pencil icon under Action next to your package. This will take you to your Services page where you can update your package, add on SMS bundles, select auto-renew SMS option etc. 

Click on the pencil icon next to your subscription package if you wish to upgrade or the pencil icon next to the amount of users to add licences. These costs will automatically update as per your changes. 

Select Pay Annually to be able to pay once a year or leave unchecked to pay monthly via invoice. 

RiskLogic suggest selecting the Auto Renew option to ensure you never run out of SMS's during an incident. You can also elect to add on a SMS bundle. 

Click on Save Changes. This will pop up with your account summary where you can view all the new details as well as update your invoicing from manual to credit card if you so desire. 

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.