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Activate 2.2 - Arrival of the Master Dashboard

We are pleased to announce the arrival of the new Activate Master Dashboard.

This new dashboard will provide summary compliance indicators across all categories for all sites within the administrator's portfolio.




The new dashboard will be accessible by Super Admins (formerly Full Administrators) and Multi-Site Administrators.


User Updates:

In this release, we have updated the User Types of the Activate Portal.

Previously there were Full Administrators and Site Administrators

Activate 2.2 now has:

  • Super Administrators - Like the full administrator of yesteryear, complete access to add, edit and remove sites, details and users.
  • Multi-Site Administrators - for those who need access to multiple sites (Add new sites and users).
  • Site Administrators - one site, nice and simple (need users added/ removed, please ask your Multi-Site or Super Administrators to add them for you).


User Management:

The managing of users has been enhanced with a new User menu, accessible from the Master Dashboard. Adding and modifying users has been simplified with the introduction of the new User Slider

Sites New                                          AddUserSlider2

Site Management:

With Activate 2.2, the creation and management of site's has been simplified through the new site management screen accessed from the Master Dashboard, allowing for details to be edited via the Site Slider.



Please feel free to contact should you have any additional questions.

Thank you and please enjoy our ever-improving experience.

The Catalyst Team!

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