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Training Records

You can now capture information about employee training records in Clearview. This can be maintained by Administrators to record things such as awareness training or exercises, etc.

Click on Administration in the side menu > People > Employees > Search.



Enter employee details (eg, name or email) then select ‘Show Report’. Click on the name of the employee you want to edit.

Once the employee form displays, click onK5gQKrkmcRfnRAGlp4Ii3KcbKWRDTVldTg.png


Enter in all fields with a as these are mandatory. You can also indicate whether they have attended and/or passed. Save.




Administrators can request reports for training records. These are found under Reports > Employees. The reports will show you who has passed their exercises, who has attended, who may have not attended, who has not passed and so on.

The three reports are: Exercise Participation, Employee Training Gap Analysis and Employee Training. 

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