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What If Report

The What If report allows you to analyse different scenarios - an invaluable tool during an incident, and indeed for proactive management of your organisation's business continuity programme.  

Let's say we have a disruption at the site "101 Collins Street" and we want to find out what are the critical dependencies related to this site in the next couple of weeks.

Use the What If filters to select the site, and put in the next 2 weeks date range:

Click on the Show button the see a dependency map showing critical dependencies over time:

You can drill down further to see details of the dependencies by clicking on the critical time periods - eg, I can see the resources required within 1 day:

You can also run the What If report to Excel, and there is a new GIS Map feature which allows you to see the locations on a map.

(Note:  To enable GIS in the What If report, you must first set up GeoCoding in the Site.)

There are many other scenarios and options you can select in this report. Give them a try!

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