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Installing Android App

Critical plan information can be accessed via Android Mobile Application.  The Android App for BC-3 is presented under its global brand “Clearview”. 


Note that only plan information is accessible via the app – to use full functionality including Incident Management, login to your normal URL via a web browser. It is recommended to save your BC-3 URL in your mobile device’s browser favourites.

Installing Android App

1. Navigate to the Google Play Store and search for ClearView Continuity app and once found select Install.


Or find it through the following link:

2. Wait for the installation to complete and select Open.

3. When the application starts running the settings screen will appear which is where you’ll need to enter the URL of your site.

You don’t need to add the full URL, just the first part. i.e. if the full URL to your BC-3 site is just enter test99 – then save

4. The App will now validate the URL and direct you to the Login Page.


5. After you’ve logged in, the App will take a few moments to retrieve the data.


6. You can now view the entities you are associated with, and the data within.

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