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Creating a Review Questionnaire

Before a Review can be conducted, Administrators must first create a Review Questionnaire for Users to follow during the review process.

To create a Review Questionnaire, Administrators need to select the 'Review Question Set' from the Administration menu

A Review Question Set then needs to be created for each different type of document within BC-3. Name the Set appropriately and select the 'Entity Type' that relates to the document you want to create questions for.

Once you have created the Set, you can now create specific Review Questions.

Below are the mandatory fields you will be required to input for each review question:

  • Question Type: Generic questions are for the whole document, or a Section question is for one section eg. Introduction or Staff Contacts
  • Question: Write the question you want the reviewer to answer when reviewing the document.
  • Answer Type: None - no answer required; Yes/No; RTO - RTO required to be entered to answer question; Review Compliance Question - the administrator can create set answers for the user to choose from a dropdown list; Number - a number is required to be entered.

Once you have created all of your questions, you need to attach the Review Question Set to the document Template. To do this you will need to:

  • Select Template - View Template for the required document (ie. Plan)
  • Click on Configure Review Questions at the bottom of the review page

  • Select the Review Question Set that you have created from the dropdown provided.

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