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Have your plans and BIAs been reviewed and sent to you for Approval? If so approving them is simple, just follow the steps below:

1. Any Plans sent for approval will appear on the 'Approvers' homepage under an 'Outstanding Approvals' field.

2. Click on the document name to start the approval process.

3. Using the Next buttons or left menu, you progress through the pages to review the content that has been updated by your 'maintainers'.  You will have an opportunity to write comments on each page in the 'Approver Comments' text box.

You can easily find out what's been changed in the document - see our previous topic What's Changed in this plan?

4. Once you have reviewed the entire document, you have the choice to either 'Reject' or 'Approve' the plan. Rejecting the plan will inform 'maintainers' that additional information is required before the plan can be approved. Approving the plan will push the plan to be 'Live' completing the review process.

5. Rejecting the plan will ask you to provide a reason for the rejection, and will appear on the homepage as 'Refused Approval'.

6. 'Maintainers' will then need to go through the plan updating the sections with comments. Before submitting the plan once again for approval.

7. As the 'Approver', follow steps 1-4 again but this time hitting 'Approve' if all changes were made and the plan is complete. This will make the BIA or plan appear as 'Live' on the homepage, and available on mobile version.

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